Santorini Food and Wine-Tasting Tour

Santorini Food and Wine-Tasting Tour

Is there any better way to learn about a country than through its food and wine? Immerse yourself in Greek traditions and culture when you join us on our local food tour in Santorini. Visit an area winery to learn about the winemaking process, from the vines to your glass, on our Santorini wine tour. Get a taste of the Greek islands when you dine at a seafront restaurant, where you’ll enjoy the foods, spices and culinary practices of Santorini.


  • No need to worry about transportation. We’ll pick you up and return you to your hotel.
  • Visit a local winery to learn about viniculture in Santorini.
  • Enjoy breathtaking views of romantic Santorini Island.
  • Learn about wine pairing from a sommelier (wine expert) and sample Santorini wines.
  • Dine at a seafront restaurant where you can take in the glory of the Aegean Sea.
  • Enjoy the flavors of Greece with a variety of local dishes during our Santorini food tour.

Full Description

Soak up the atmosphere of the Greek islands when you pull up a chair at the table of Santorini’s food and wine pleasures. Whether you’re a foodie, wine aficionado, on your honeymoon or visiting Greece just for fun, this tour will enhance your experience and give you a glimpse of true Santorini life.

We begin by visiting your choice of a premier area winery, such as Venetsanos Winery or Estate Argyros, to learn about Santorini’s tradition of viniculture (growing grapes for wine). The volcanic soil is drenched in nutrients, making it an important part of the island winemaking practice.

During our Santorini wine tour, learn about grape varieties grown here and the crisp flavors they impart to wines, including the collectible Vin Santo. A sommelier, or wine expert, will join us at the winery to instruct you in the fine art of wine tasting. Learn what it means for wine to have “legs,” how to savor a wine’s bouquet, and pointers about pairing wine with different dishes. You can choose up to five different wines to sample and enjoy.

This local food tour in Santorini also includes your choice of lunch or dinner at a seafront restaurant. Relax and drink in the magnificent view of the Aegean Sea while the chef is busy with your dishes. Try a Cretan salad, featuring fresh tomatoes and feta cheese served on a traditional barley husk. Or perhaps some tomato fritters made with onions and mint. Dig into a pork or chicken tigania, made with wild herbs and regional spices. Yogurt is part of some delicious desserts, or you can finish your meal with sweet and light baklava on our Santorini food tour.

As we escort you around the northern island area, you can take in the famous island sights. You won’t be disappointed, because the views live up to the legends. Take in the postcard-like vistas of the Blue Dome Church, white adobe homes and colorful volcanic caldera in the half-moon bay.

Join us for a Santorini food and wine-tasting tour and enjoy the island by the glass and plateful. Engage all your senses, and you’ll take home a full picture of life in the Greek islands.

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Koutsoyannopoulos Wine Museum, Estate Argyros,
Forty-One 41 Beach Bar and Restaurant

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